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My Christmas Fiancé (Love Comes Later, 1) by Serenity Woods

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The Blurb


It’s not easy to reinvent yourself, but my thirteen-year-old son and I were ready for a new start. Old Maggie had been a magnet for disaster, but I decided that New Meg was going to be suave, sophisticated… and blonde. I landed a dream job at the other end of New Zealand as PA to three rich directors who spoil me rotten, I found a beautiful new apartment on the waterfront, and I felt reborn. 

Then I wrote an email to a friend describing in vivid detail what I wanted to do to the sexiest of the directors—involving melted chocolate and/or whipped cream—and mistakenly sent it to All Staff. It turns out that New Meg is pretty much just Old Maggie with different packaging. Some things never change. 


I’ve wanted Meg since she first walked into my office with her soft lips and sexy curves, but she wears another man’s ring, so I’ve steered well clear… until now. My mind’s been occupied anyway since I found my girlfriend, Natalie, in bed with another man. She’s desperate to have me back and won’t take no for an answer—so I’ve come up with a brilliant plan, to hire a fake fiancée for Christmas to prove to her that we’re done. 

After sending her hot-as-hell email, Meg confessed the truth about her past, and it’s given me an idea. She’ll make an ideal fiancée, and I can protect her from the guy she’s running from. Sounds like the perfect plan, right? Her teenage son’s no problem because we get on great. Sharing her room? That’s more of a challenge, but I’ve always had excellent self-control. 

Yeah, I know. I keep forgetting about the melted chocolate. What an idiot.

I have mixed feelings for this book. Although I enjoyed it, I thought the story progressed slowly. There was also no major conflict, which made the whole thing feel anticlimactic. I kept expecting some sort of fight between the main characters, but nothing ever happened.

The characters, barring Meg’s son, fell flat; they essentially had the same personalities, which was why I felt detached from them. They also shared the annoying habit of reading each other’s facial expressions to interpret emotions and intrentions.

I hated how Stratton constantly compared Meg to his ex, Natalie. Once or twice would have been fine, but to do it every time they did something together was absurd. Of course, in Stratton’s mind, Meg was always the better of the two women, but still.

Despite all the negative things I’ve pointed out, I thought that the author was good with descriptions and imagery; she was also good at making her characters’ relationships realistic.

I loved that the relationship between Meg and Stratton wasn’t only about sex. I also loved how they actually talked about their issues instead of letting them fester and lead to a big misunderstanding.

Another thing I loved was Oscar’s relationship with both his mother and Stratton. Oscar was my favorite character; he was the only one that felt real. I loved his protectiveness for his mother as well as his willingness to accept Stratton in his life. I admired his strength and maturity despite his age, and he made reading this book worthwhile for me.

I give My Christmas Fiancé 3 out of 5 pink roses. It’s a slow but enjoyable read. I recommend it to those who enjoy stories with little conflict and a good relationship between the main characters.

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