Cozy Mystery

Bed, Breakfast, and Bones (Ravenwood Cove Cozy Mystery, 1) by Carolyn L. Dean

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Amanda Graham inherited a rundown bed and breakfast, a starving cat, and some dead guy who’s buried in her garden! 

What should’ve been a simple remodeling project and a new business in a small Oregon beach town winds up with her uncle named as the number one murder suspect, a slew of odd neighbors and problematic townspeople, and Amanda wanting to just sit down and eat her weight in chocolate pie. 

Sure, she could pack her bags and travel back to LA… or should she dig in, heal from her failed romance, and find a whole new set of friends and adventures in Ravenwood Cove?

And how could a quiet little coastal village have so many secrets? 


~ What I Liked About the Book ~

I enjoyed this cozy mystery. The writing was good; the story was interesting; and the execution was well done. This was a great start to the Ravenwood Cove Cozy Mystery series.

This book was a bit different for me because it didn’t jump right into the mystery, which is what I’m used to. For this reason, I mistakenly thought the story slow at first. But after a few chapters, I found that it was actually well paced though admittedly a tad predictable. I did have a strong suspicion of who the culprit was halfway through the book, but it was still a fun experience finding out that I was right. You can never really tell if the author is just misleading the readers, after all.

I really loved Amanda as a heroine. She was smart, strong, and independent. I loved her scheming mind, especially since it meant that she was actually using her brains unlike plenty of other amateur sleuths. It was also nice to see a character with an actual motive other than sheer nosiness for solving a murder mystery.

I also appreciated the light romance (or pre-romance) in the story. It was subtle and did not make the book stray from its main purpose, but it was enough for me to want something to happen between James and Amanda.

Also, I love when the main character has a cat.

~ What I Didn’t Like About the Book ~

It was hard for me to distinguish the characters at first because there were so many of them, and not all of them had distinctive personalities. Sadly, James, Amanda’s supposed love interest, fell into that category.

I also hated that there were so many confusing details. The revelations weren’t always presented in a clear manner, and I struggled to understand what the author was getting at sometimes. This was a really big issue. After all, what’s the point of reading mystery books if you don’t understand the details that surround it?

There were a few typos in the story, but they were mostly negligible so they didn’t affect my perception of this book as a whole.



Bed, Breakfast, and Bones is a refreshing read for anyone who likes a smart, independent lead with a knack for solving mysteries.


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