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The Billionaire’s Sub by M.S. Parker

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“Moving to Hollywood after graduation was supposed to be my first step into the adult world, a chance for me to live life on my terms. It’d worked for my older sister. I just hadn’t realized how much until she shared her darkest secret with me.”

When twenty-one year-old Hanna Breckenridge moves across the country to take a job as her sister’s business manager, she has no idea the culture shock she’s in for. When billionaire Cross Phillips approaches her, she’s flattered, only to find out that he’d been interested for reasons far different than anything Hanna would’ve imagined. When things take a dangerous turn, she’s forced to decide just how much she can trust this gorgeous man.


I am ever so glad that I gave the billionaire trope a chance. I used to avoid them (for reasons unknown to me) until I read a couple prior to this, and now I’m in love with them.

~ What I Liked About the Book ~

I loved this book! It’s the sweetest story involving BDSM I’ve ever read. It was nice to see Hanna and Cross treat each other with mutual respect.

The characters were all likeable. I loved Cross and his protective instincts for Hanna; I found it endearing. Those two definitely had chemistry, and I loved reading about how their relationship blossomed in an admittedly short time frame.

I loved how little drama there was in this book. There was actually almost no conflict in Hanna and Cross’s relationship—which is probably a bad thing in terms of plot—but I genuinely enjoyed not having to deal with the typical “I’m no good for you” drama. I know there are trials to come in the sequel, but this book reads as a standalone and has a happy ending so I’m satisfied.

~ What I Didn’t Like About the Book ~

The only thing I didn’t like was how abruptly this book ended. There was closure, yes; everyone was happy, but I wanted to see more.

I read this on the Kindle app and was shocked when I found out that I had already reached the last chapter when there was still a good chunk left, which turned out to be a generous preview for the sequel. I was honestly disappointed, but only because the book was over and there is significantly more drama in the next one.



The Billionaire’s Sub is a sweet romance involving light BDSM. I recommend it to those who love a protective hero who treats the heroine with respect.


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