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Before the Clock Strikes (Kyle Simmons Thriller, 1) by E.G. Michaels

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A sleepy neighborhood is torn apart by a shocking and brutal late night drive-by shooting. An innocent teenage sleepover takes a tragic turn as a young girl is killed while she lay sleeping on a friend’s sofa. 

Philadelphia Detective Kyle Simmons races against the clock to quickly find the proof to nail the killer before neighborhood racial tensions boil over and a simple murder case turns into a violent turf war.


~ What I Liked About the Book ~

This book was a quick read. I enjoyed the simplicity of the language used; it was very straightforward. I also found the plot entertaining although it was a tad predictable.

I liked the characters; I thought they were wonderfully crafted for this book. Kyle Simmons was a fun protagonist even if he was a bit of a bastard sometimes. I loved seeing how him interact with the rest of the characters.

This book had its flaws, but overall, I enjoyed it.

~ What I Didn’t Like About the Book ~

I didn’t like the author’s writing style at the beginning. It seemed awfully amateurish, especially when the perpetrators started referring to themselves by ridiculous nicknames. It was actually awkward.

I also hated the dialogue. It sounded stiff, like something you’d find in a cheesy cop film. At some point, the characters also started talking about saving oneself for marriage. Although there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that sentiment, it still felt annoying to have the author preach about it repeatedly.

The book also lacked a sense of intrigue and mystery because the readers find out early on who’s responsible for what. I also felt like there was a distinct lack of challenge since the detectives always seemed to have the upper hand. It would have been fun to see them stumped once in a while.

Ultimately, this book wasn’t remarkable.



Before the Clock Strikes is an enjoyable read, provided you can get through the awkward writing at the start and suspend disbelief just a bit.


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