Cozy Mystery

A Taste of Magic (A Sugarcomb Lake Mystery, 1) by Alaine Allister

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Out of work reporter Clarissa Spencer is being stalked by a stray cat. She can’t cook to save her life, her garden is an overgrown mess and her chocolate chip cookie addiction is out of control. Then to top it all off, she gets struck by lightning! 

Clarissa thinks she has it bad – until she learns the town mayor has been shot to death and his widow has been falsely accused of killing him. Okay, so it could be worse… 

Clarissa makes it her mission to expose the true killer before her arch nemesis – an infuriatingly handsome reporter from the city newspaper – can. Unfortunately, solving a murder is easier said than done… especially with the lunacy in Clarissa’s life!


~ What I Liked About the Book ~

I absolutely enjoyed this book. It was fun, interesting, and realistic as far as a cozy mystery goes.

I loved Clarissa. She’s one of the few main characters in this genre who aren’t immature, weak, or stupid. She actually did some investigation and fact checking before she went and accused someone; there was no ridiculous jumping to conclusions involved. I did find her a bit self centered at first, but not as the story progressed.

I enjoyed this author’s sense of humor even if I didn’t immediately appreciate her writing style. It made for a refreshing read.

The plot was interesting. The mystery was good and only mildly predictable. The story flowed smoothly. It was an excellent book, overall.

~ What I Didn’t Like About the Book ~

There were some mild editing issues: a couple of missing words and some minor grammatical errors. Though a bit annoying, they were mostly harmless.

I found no problem with the plot itself, but there were some things that could have made the book better. The magic, for example, wasn’t fully explored. We only got to see a few magical potions, but I’m assuming that this is the case because it’s only the first book in the series, and Clarissa just discovered that she was a witch. I’m also hoping for more involvement from her cat. For an animal guide, the cat didn’t do much apart from giving a little nudge to help Clarissa use her talents.

I also found the potions in the book a bit odd. There was one that could undo time for a minute and one that could offer protection for 30 seconds. That is definitely not how I imagine potions to be used, but I guess that’s the author’s prerogative.



A Taste of Magic is a wonderful read for lovers of humorous cozy mystery and magic.


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