Adult Romance

His Five Night Stand (Bedroom Secrets, 1) by Emma Thorne

Image source: Goodreads

Five scorching nights, two fragile hearts, one broken rule…

Five nights of hot sex will make Callie forget her ex forever, at least that is the promise.

Love has brought Theo to his knees before. He knows how to make Callie leave her heartache behind and give voice to her deepest desires.

But what happens if Callie asks for more? Will Theo break his only rule… no falling in love? 

“Then his mouth was against my ear, his voice low and calm. He whispered, “Tell me what you want.” Theo

“Do you want to find out what makes a woman moan? Do you want to take a chance with a beautiful stranger?” 

“Yes,” I said, taking a breath. “Yes.” Callie


~ What I Liked About the Book ~

This was such a refreshing read. It’s an erotica with *gasp* an actual storyline.

I loved almost all the characters. All except one, actually. Callie was a great heroine. She didn’t pine for her ex or moan about her problems. Instead, she chose to find ways to fix her life, and I loved that. Strong characters make a book so much better.

Although the main conflict was predictable, I was happy to see that it didn’t last too long or become too dramatic. I actually loved how the author chose to resolve it.

I’ll be looking forward to reading more books from this author.

~ What I Didn’t Like About the Book ~

I hated Cara; she was so pushy. Even though she was trying for the supportive best friend, she only came off as bossy and annoying.

I also hated the dialogue. I mean, the characters were great, but the conversations were cringe-worthy. Somehow, it felt like the author was talking instead of the characters. All the girls kept talking like they were reading from an essay on women empowerment. And Theo going on about worshipping women was actually a bit creepy.

I also felt that the events happened too quickly. After a mere ten days of breaking up, Henry already wanted Callie back despite having just proclaimed his love for another woman. Callie and Theo also fell for each other in almost the same time frame.



His Five Night Stand is a refreshing book with a strong female lead. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys erotica with an actual plot.


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