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Mister Darcy’s Dogs (A Mister Darcy Series Comedic Mystery, 1) by Barbara Silkstone

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Doctor Lizzie Bennet, struggling against her conservative English countryside upbringing, determines to prove her worth as a dog psychologist. Nothing will deter her from her career until she meets the uppity and oh-so mysterious Londoner, Mister Darcy. His on-again, off-again flirtatious manner, and his pompous putdowns challenge Lizzie’s short temper. When Mister Darcy hires her to train his lovable basset hounds for an important foxhunt, Lizzie accepts the task despite knowing next to nothing about the sport and harboring an intense fear of horses.

Two of the villains Austen fans love to boo and hiss arrive to torment Lizzie: Caroline Bingley, in hot pursuit of Mister Darcy does all she can to discredit and humiliate Lizzie. Mister Darcy’s old nemesis, George Wickham, stalks the Bennet family.


~ What I Liked About the Book ~

I was smiling the entire time I was reading this book. I found it silly, but not annoyingly so. It was actually rather cute though not heavy on romance or mystery. It was humorous more than anything.

I especially loved the scene where Bingley and Darcy were gleefully using Caroline’s scarf as bait for the dogs. Their immaturity at that moment was so adorable.

I loved the characters, even Caroline. She was endearingly annoying, and I enjoyed reading about her interactions with the other characters.

~ What I Didn’t Like About the Book ~

While I was thoroughly entertained by this book, I have to admit that the author didn’t manage to capture the characters’ original traits at all (except for Lydia, maybe?). The general characteristics were there—like Darcy being a rude bastard, Caroline being condescending, and Jane being sweet—but they weren’t incorporated well enough to actually remind me of their original counterparts.

I also didn’t quite understand the technicalities about fox-hunting when they were discussed, so I was a bit confused about what to expect, especially since the mystery was related to that. Fortunately, it didn’t seem to matter once the plot unfolded.



Mister Darcy’s Dogs is an enjoyable read for lovers of Pride and Prejudice spin-offs.


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